Jon Stewart Has a Laugh at the Internet's Expense

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This Week's On Topic for the Daily Show is "The Internet". Accordingly, they have posted this video, a mash-up of all the recent internet related stories from the last few weeks. Stewart rails Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Youtube, and Ted Stevens.

In his segment "Old Man Stewart" he tries to come to terms with new internet technology, failing every time: "For the uninitiated, here's how Twitter works... I have no f***ing idea."

Perhaps the funniest moments are when Stewart has a laugh at the television media for quoting Twitter reactions as part of their newscast, taking queues from users like @LadyBigMac, who says she prefers Five Guys burgers, and a user called @DogFart.

Lucky for us, this video was not embedded from YouTube.

Stewart on social media is not to be outdone by his take SOPA and the war for intellectual property on the internet, including an acknowledgment of the fact that the legislators themselves have no idea what they're voting on. I'd love to see what he says about CISPA.

Even though he makes fun of it, he says the internet is "a keeper".

[h/t: Mashable]

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