Jon Stewart Compares CNN To Old Man With Metal Detector

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Jon Stewart doesn't mince words when it comes time to take on the media, particularly with news channels and their coverage of certain topics. In the case of flight 370, outlets like CNN went to the extreme in reporting and ended up looking like an old man with a metal detector on the beach, sure he's found treasure when all that's buried is a soda can pop-top.

The mystery of what happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has only deepened over the past several weeks, and the families and friends of the victims have been left with more questions than answers. The constant media coverage has led to quite a bit of misinformation, which Stewart skewers in his report.

Several countries have contributed to the search over the Indian Ocean, but scores of trash and debris unrelated to the plane have dotted satellites and given false hope to those waiting for word about where it ended up.

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Amanda Crum
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