Jon Hamm Is Hilarious As A Sleazy Director

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If you were alive in the '80s, you probably remember Aimee Mann. At least, you'll remember her spiky platinum hair and the powerful anthem that was her band Til' Tuesday's hit, "Voices Carry". The video that accompanied that song was always a favorite of mine as a young, impressionable girl; as someone who grew up with a domineering father, I related to Aimee's character and the toxic relationship she had with the d-bag who played her boyfriend, and I remember feeling empowered at the end when she finally broke free of his grip and started singing loudly in the middle of a crowded theater, not caring anymore whether or not it would make him angry.

She's got a new single--"Labrador"--and someone thought it would be a good idea to have "Mad Men" hottie Jon Hamm involved in the video as a scumbag director who tricks her into remaking the "Voices Carry" video shot-for-shot for the new song. What results is an adorable look at Jon Hamm with a sleazy mustache and a loving parody of a classic video. Enjoy.

Amanda Crum

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