Jon Gruden To Coach The Raiders?

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It seems as though every time a head coach position opens anywhere in the NFL, Jon Gruden's name is at the top of the list as the number one candidate.

Gruden has recently been rumored to have been interested in coaching the Houston Texans, however he confirmed that rumor was false, saying that he would be staying with ESPN at least through the 2014 season. “I’m just trying to do my job,” Gruden said at the time. “I’m not going to address every little rumor or supposed conversation that takes place, according to these so-called sources. There are a lot of good coaches out there available to coach these teams. I’m just hoping ESPN likes the the job I’m doing. That’s my focus.”

Although rumors are always circulating about this Super Bowl winning coach, there is one rumor that may actually have some truth behind it. Rich Gannon, Gruden's former quarterback for the Raiders, suggested during a recent radio interview with 95.7 The Game radio, that Gruden returning to coach the Raiders could be a very real possibility.

"I've had conversations with Jon in the past. I don't think it's outside the realm of possibilities," Gannon said. "I don't know when. I don't know where, but I know this, that he had two bad experiences as a head coach with some owners that he just had a tough time with," Gannon continued. "And you know I think it's pretty clear that he didn't necessarily see eye to eye with [Raider's General Manager Al] Davis and I think he was really disappointed at what happened with the Glazers [In Tampa Bay]... and I think he wants to go somewhere where he's got an owner that's not gonna, you know, try and pick the roster and try and call the plays, and just a guy that he can just come in and work for and hire a staff and get the thing turned around."

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