Jon Gosselin To Battle Kate Gosselin For Full Custody?


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Jon Gosselin is reportedly near his breaking point with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

Several media outlets, namely Radar Online, have reported the Kate Plus 8 star has repeatedly ignored Jon's requests to see his children.

It's no secret that the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality stars have had a tumultuous relationship over the past couple years.

Kate's alleged tyrannical disposition and controlling nature has been rumored to a big part of their issues where the children are concerned.

Now, rumors are circulating about his intent to file for full custody. A source close to Jon recently spoke with Life & Style about his rumored plans to take the children from Kate.

He's reportedly tired of the children being in the limelight and feels Kate's influence on their lives could be potentially problematic.

“He would love to take her to court and get total custody of his kids,” the source revealed. “He doesn’t want them on TV and he doesn’t want Kate’s influence on them. He’ll do whatever it takes.”

Just a few months ago, Kate's nannies revealed how they'd always been told to monitor Jon's conversations with the kids. On several occasions, the nannies also reported they'd been ordered not to let him inside the home.

Although denying Jon the right to see his children would be a violation of their custody agreement, sources are saying that she's not taking that into consideration.

Another insider opened up about Jon's perspective of his children's well-being. “Jon feels bad for them. It’s not a normal childhood. They love spending time with Jon and wish they could see him more,” one source said.

However, Kate seems completely "unbothered" by all of the rumors and Jon's displeasure. On August 28, Kate tweeted a picture of the children ready for their first day of school. She also has yet to address the custody rumors.

Although it seems like it's Kate's way or no way, only time will tell! If Jon does decide to file for full custody of his children, more details will be revealed.