Johnny Strange: BASE Jumper Dies in Wingsuit Jump in Swiss Alps

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Johnny Strange was known for his risky stunts and daredevil actions as a BASE jumper. Sadly, those actions proved deadly on Thursday when Strange, who was just 23, died in a wingsuit jump in the Swiss Alps.

Just days before he died, Johnny Strange did an interview for KROQ-FM’s Kevin and Bean show, talking about his Switzerland adventure. He explained her would be shooting a dangerous proximity video, which included flying "super close to stuff."

Following the interview, he jumped off a Swiss mountain. He posted footage of the jump on YouTube, never imagining it would be his last post ever.

A spokesman for the police in Switzerland says Johnny Strange crashed shortly after jumping from Mount Gitschen in the central part of the country around noon on Thursday. No reason has yet been given for the crash, but it was known that winds were strong on the mountain that day.

Sadly, Johnny Strange isn't the only BASE jumper to die in a wingsuit jump thos year. Johnathan Florez--known as Bird Man--died on July 3rd while BASE jumping in Switzerland. Canadian Gabriel Hubert died June 7 during a wingsuit jump. American Dean Potter was killed in May during a jump in Yosemite Valley.

BASE jumping is illegal at national parks in the U.S., but many manage to perform their daredevil acts there just the same. Those who are caught by authorities are issued tickets.

Model Gigi Hadid went to high school with Johnny Strange.

Melissa Joan Hart Tweeted her shock at the tragic death of Johnny Strange.

Daredevils are a rare breed. No amount of trying to convince them to stop their dangerous actions makes sense to them. Hopefully it is some consolation to the family members and friends of Johnny Strange that the young man died doing something he truly loved.

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