Johnny Depp Cake: Check Out the Edible Captain Jack Sparrow [IMAGE]


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"Life-size Johnny Depp cake." Is there any better combination of words in the English language for most women? Probably not, and this is exactly what one woman from England came up with for a baking contest. Rather than submit a more traditional tiered cake, Lara Clarke decided to make an almost life-sized version of Johnny Depp.

Clarke's Johnny Depp cake stands at five feet, five inches tall, just five inches shy of the non-edible Depp's height. Let's just say that the cake was absolutely a labor of love, as it took the young woman 90 hours to complete.

Clarke, who has only been baking specialized cakes for two years and learned her skills from YouTube, came up with this delicious concoction after one of her friends suggested she enter the cake competition. “One of my friends was on the phone and said I should enter Cake International. At the time I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean,” Clarke said. “I was watching Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, and I thought he would make the perfect cake.”

She was right. Check out the finished product Clarke posted to her Facebook page Tasty Cakes below.

Not only did Clarke make the cake in Depp's likeness, she got everything right about his character, down to his belt and goatee. We're guessing that the Pirates of the Caribbean viewing Clarke's friend interrupted wasn't her first time watching the film.

Apparently some people suspected the Johnny Depp cake was fake and one person even tried to get Clarke disqualified from the competition by saying the cake was made of clay. Clarke had to cut into the cake to show the judges what was really inside, which was sponge cake, crisped rice, marshmallow and icing. And just in case you doubt Clarke's claims that the Johnny Depp cake is actually a cake, she posted a photo of Captain Jack "in the buff" before she added clothing and accessories.

Not surprisingly, Clarke's cake placed gold in the competition. Clarke hasn't said what's next for her as far as life-size cake versions of actors go, but there's no doubt that it will be hard to top this one.

[Images via Facebook]