Johnny Cash Talks Long Hair And Dying In 'Lost Interview'

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PBS Digital Studios' Blank on Blank is highlighting a "lost interview" with the legendary Johnny Cash. He was interviewed by Barney Hoskyns in October of 1996.

Blank on Blank takes obscure interviews with entertainment icons, and sets them to interesting animation. Here are a couple samples of what Cash had to say in his:

"I've always hung out with long-hairs. I've always hung out with people of that ilk. I'm one of the originals. I had sideburns down to my chin...for a while there I did. When I started my own TV show in Nashville in '69, I had a group called The Who on, and I forget which one of them said, 'Thank God we've got somebody on television with long hair - talking about me, you know? Only it was't all that long."

"My mother always told me that any talent is a gift of God, and I always believed it. If I quite, I would just live in front of the television, and then get fat and die pretty soon. So I don't want to do that. You know, I just hope and pray I can die with my boots on. I've been in hospital beds, and I don't want to end up there."

Check out the recent "lost interviews" Blank on Blank has featured with Kurt Cobain and Heath Ledger as well.

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