John Travolta Isn't Gay, And He Can Prove It

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John Travolta has been embroiled in quite the controversy lately, stemming from several allegations that he assaulted or made advances on men in massage parlors and on cruise ships. And while his lawyer says he has flight records proving Travolta was on the other side of the country when at least one of the incidents allegedly took place, the actor is making a special effort to show how much he loves his wife, and how healthy their sex life is.

Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, showed up for the premiere of "Savages" on Monday in L.A. and were reportedly engaged in so much PDA that it looked staged. They exchanged an awkward kiss on the red carpet, which some said looked like he was trying too hard.

The actor also talked about how strong his marriage is in an Extra! interview last week.

“We've always been stable with each other,” he said. “We use our communication skills. We understand what is going in life and the industry. I think the toughest part was just the loss of our son and once we were able to get through that – and times we didn't think we were going to – I think we figured we could handle anything… Everything else pales in comparison.”

Fabian Zanzi, one of Travolta's accusers, claims the actor made sexual advances on him when Zanzi delivered food to his room on a Royal Caribbean cruise line in 2009, saying Travolta took off his robe and rubbed up against him, allegedly saying, “Take me, I will take care of you, please.” When Zanzi rejected his advances, he says that the actor offered him $12,000 in hush money.

It does seem odd that Zanzi would come forward with this story now, after so much time has passed. At any rate, Travolta isn't missing out on a chance to prove he did nothing wrong.

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