John Ritter: Late 'Three's Company' Actor Gets Tribute On 'DWTS'

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It was an emotional dance for Suzanne Somers as she reminisced about her time on Three’s Company and paid tribute to her late co-star John Ritter.

Week 4 of Dancing with the Stars had the remaining dancers recreating the most memorable year of their lives. Somers and her dance partner Tony Dovolani chose to showcase the time she spent as Chrissy Snow in Three’s Company.

The sitcom revolves around three single roommates and their escapades. The late John Ritter was a big hit in it as he played klutzy Jack Tripper while Somers portrayed the ditzy Chrissy Snow and Joyce DeWitt was sensible Janet Wood. The comedy aired from 1977 to 1984.

Somers talked about her experience working with John Ritter and DeWitt and the friendship she shared with them during the pre-dance interview.

“This one’s for you John,” Somers tearfully said. “It’s the dance that Chrissy and John never got to have.”

The 68-year-old actress then started her performance with a short skit on a set that perfectly re-created the show’s living room, down to the pink curtains and plants.

And staying true to her character in the sitcom, Somers appeared in her famous Chrissy pigtails, wearing a long, pink satin robe while Dovolani lounged on the sofa, doing his best Jack impersonation.

“Hey, Jack... what are you eating?” Somers asked in that girlish voice her character was known for, to which Dovolani answered, “brains.”

“Oh, I never had any brains,” Somers replied.

The dance partners then started fox-trotting to the well-known and loved tune of Three’s Company, Too. The music was a perfect accompaniment to the dance’s twirls and quick steps before ending with Dovolani flying over the couch in another physical but hilarious skit that was a trademark of the comedy show.

Somers capped the sentimental night by posting a black-and-white photo of happier times with Ritter with the poignant caption, “A legendary comedian and even dearer friend. I love you, John."


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