John Gotti's Former Son-In-Law Charged In Connection With Car Theft Ring

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John Gotti's former son-in-law, Carmine "The Bull" Agnello, was arrested in Ohio on charges of theft, money laundering and conspiracy in connection with a car theft ring.

Cleveland police say the former son-in-law of the infamous John Gotti was also charged with animal cruelty and corruption after it was discovered that he also drugged horses before races.

Carmine was married to John Gotti's famous daughter, Victoria, from 1984-2003.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said in a statement, "We are not going to let the Mafia sink their teeth back into Cleveland and make this into an outpost for their New York-based corrupt enterprises."

It seems that was what the former member of John Gotti's family was trying to do.

In addition to the information that led to Agnello's arrest, police also found multiple firearms and $45,000 cash at his home.

While Carmine Agnello's crimes aren't quite as bloody as John Gotti's, they are still pretty serious.

Agnello was reportedly paying teenagers $20-$25 per car for them to steal the cars and bring them back to his business where he would fill them with dirt to weigh them down, then sell them to an unsuspecting local scrap metal processor.

Agnello has allegedly defrauded that local scrap metal processor of more than $3 million since 2014.

Cleveland Deputy Police Chief Edward Tomba said Agnello has already been convicted in New York on similar charges back in 2001 and served seven years for his crimes.

That doesn't look too good for the case of John Gotti's former son-in-law.

What do you think about the former son-in-law of John Gotti being arrested for mob-like activities?

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