John Goodman DENIED: Mogul Won't Get A Third Trial?

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One must say this for disgraced polo mogul John Goodman: He's a very persistent man.

Despite having been twice tried (and twice convicted) for a DUI manslaughter charge, 51-year-old Goodman and his lawyers are determined to have yet another day in court.

The matter was initially settled when Goodman was convicted in 2013 for the hit-and-run killing of Scott Wilson.

Goodman was said to have run a stop sign in his BMW, which then knocked Wilson into a nearby canal. Upside down and unable to escape, Wilson drowned. Goodman reportedly left the scene of the accident and waited to inform 911 of what happened.

Now, two separate trials have reached the same conclusion, which is that John Goodman is criminally liable for the death of the 23-year-old college graduate.

It was a juror error uncovered by his defense team that even allowed Goodman a chance at a new trial.

Despite the difficulties and complications suffered by the prosecution, the new jury found Goodman guilty in October. In November, the prosecution wasted little time in demanding that John be given the exact same sentence as the first time.

The request was granted, and John Goodman was once again sent to prison to serve a 16-year sentence.

But Goodman is hoping that an appeal for a third case will be successful and that he will finally be able to be released.

However, the third time may not be the charm for John Goodman after all.

Palm Beach Chief Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath denied a motion for a new trial that was filed in early November.

"No factual or legal grounds for a new trial, not already considered by this Court, have been presented [by the defense]," was the official explanation given by Colbath for his decision.

The matter now rests in the hands of Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal.

If they uphold the judge's decision, it will likely be the last we hear from John Goodman for some time.

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