John Elway Or Peyton Manning - Who's The Better QB


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Not many can match John Elway in stamina, or thrills. Elway participated in nine Pro Bowl selections and appeared in five Super Bowls for the Denver Broncos, winning two of them.

Elway entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004, and was eventually named executive vice president of football operations for the Broncos in 2011.

His stamina is legendary - known as the 4th quarter QB - and famous for his "cannon arm" there wasn't anyone better to watch. He did get a reputation for getting to Super Bowls, and losing, a rep he tried hard to overturn, but he did. He eventually won 2 Super Bowls, consecutively - first against the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII - then the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII.

"I couldn't be happier about my career. I don't know that Joe Montana could have enjoyed his four Super Bowl wins as much as I enjoyed my two because he never lost. The Super Bowl is the ultimate win, but it's also the ultimate loss. The high was higher because I felt the lowest of the low."
– John Elway

Now, with similar drive, talent and 4th quarter tenacity, along comes Peyton Manning. Manning has contributed to the Denver Broncos being on top again - with a 2013 record of 12 wins 3 losses and the division leaders.

Manning's style is more reserved than Elway's but the Denver Post said about him: Manning, deservedly, is the man of the moment. His precision passing, intense leadership and narrow-eyed intensity on the field, combined with his aw-shucks demeanor off the field have made him Denver's darling.

Manning tends to stay in the pocket, but his precision is unmistakable. He's a pro at putting that ball where it needs to go, remember that 50th TD pass to Eric Decker this season.

But Elway threw caution to the wind - Denver Post called him, a gambler and an improviser.

"John Elway," the late Pat Summerall once said, "is the master of the inconceivable pass thrown to the unreachable spot."

Elway's arm strength, running ability and intuitiveness, with some recklessness thrown in made him the one to watch. He was exciting and forever surprising fans.

But when it comes to stats - Manning has Elway beat. Elway's numbers in passing are nothing compared to Manning's. Elway threw 51,475 career yards, and achieved 300 touchdowns - as well as running 3,407 yards.

Manning, on the other hand, has thrown 64,698 yards - 487 touchdowns with a record breaking season 51 touchdown passes. The record set by the Patriots QB - Brady, in 2007.

But really, it all comes down to style - and when it comes to style and heart throbbing intense games, Elway was definitely the one to watch.

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