John Cena's Knee Injury Just Part Of The Story


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For many wrestling fans, the WWE is as real as it gets. Most people however, know that it isn't real and although professional wrestlers are amazing athletes that are extremely talented, wrestling is as much a show as it is a sport. Just like a soap opera or any other television show, wrestling matches and shows have a plot.

John Cena appeared to be injured after a brawl on Monday Night RAW, but it turns out he is just fine and the injury is just part of the storyline. Cena was involved in a fight with the Wyatt family and Bray Wyatt pulled off a move that made it look as though he had accidentally landed on Cena's leg the wrong way and caused the injury.

Cena milked the injury for all it was worth and was even taken out of the ring on a stretcher. Wrestling fans and especially John Cena fans were worried that the injury was real and that one of the most beloved wrestler in the WWE was really hurt and would be out of the ring for a while.

Not long after the match ended, the truth about the injury came out and it was confirmed that it was all part of the plot and storyline leading up to WrestleMania 30. John Cena will be wrestling Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 30 and with Cena sustaining an injury caused by Bray, the match will be even better and fans will be even more eager to watch it.

Over the next few weeks, as WrestleMania 30 approaches, it will be likely that Cena will still claim he is injured and blame Bray Wyatt for it. In true WWE fashion, Cena will wrestle at WrestleMania in spite of his injury and likely beat Bray. If he doesn't win, he will blame his loss on his knee injury and accuse Bray of injuring him on purpose.

Did you think John Cena was really injured?

Image via Wikimedia Commons