Joey Feek Lies in Grave on Farm She and Rory Feek Shared

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Joey Feek was laid to rest on Tuesday. She lies buried in a grave on the farm she and husband Rory Feek shared.

On his blog, This Life I Live, Rory shares the details of Joey Feek's funeral and burial, as well as how he and two-year-old daughter Indiana plan to move forward.

"On Tuesday we laid my beautiful wife to rest," the surviving member of the country bluegrass duo Joey + Rory writes. "In a grove of sassafras trees behind our farmhouse, with friends and family gathered around, we said goodbye to the greatest person I have ever known."

"The service started in our barn/concert hall. The last time we were on that stage, was in early October and Joey and I were singing together. But now, a photograph of Joey was in the spotlight...and I was one of many who were there to honor her," he continues.

Rory goes on to mention several close friends and family members who spoke or sang in honor of Joey Feek, and then talks about his feelings as his turn to speak arrived.

"When it came my time to speak, I walked up on the stage and stood looking at my wife’s sweet picture...and words were not enough to let her know how much she meant to me--how much she still means to me," Rory writes.

Rory posted a photo on his blog of a photo of Joey Feek, with him bending down to kiss her likeness.

"And when my time was through and I thought I couldn’t cry anymore tears...they played a video celebrating Joey’s life that our friends Daniel and Gabe made. And my tears were replaced by smiles and laughter and joy and more tears," Rory pens. "It was so beautiful, set to the song “After You’re Gone” by Iris Dement...a song that Joey loved and requested be played at her service."

"Joey’s one hope was that she could “come home” on a beautiful day...and it oh, it was." Rory Feek shares. "The daffodils were blooming, the grass was green and sky was bright blue."

Joey Feek was laid in a "simple wooden box," per her wishes. Rory explains she was transported from the funeral to the burial site on an "1800's wagon" pulled by mules.

"Angelic voices" sang "Down by the River to Pray" as everyone walked alongside the wagon on their way to bury Joey. Indiana rode on her daddy's shoulders.

Later, when all the friends and family members left, Rory describes how he and little Indy took another walk to Joey Feek's grave. A heart-rending photo shows him solemnly standing over her flower-laden gravesite--his head bowed in prayer.

"And when most of the guest had gone and the sun was starting to fade, Indy and I took the short walk together into the back field to see her mama one more time," he writes. "And we stayed awhile and talked with her."

"And then we took a deep breath and did what Joey would want us to do," he adds. "We remembered that she’s still with us. She’ll always be with us. In our hearts."

"Forever," Rory Feek concludes, sharing photos of him with a smiling Indy riding on his shoulders, away from Joey Feek's grave and home to start their new life without her.

A memorial service was held on Sunday in Joey Feek's hometown in Indiana. Hosted by Bill and Gloria Gaither, it was expected that Rory would speak at the memorial that was open to the public.

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