Joey Feek: Blake Shelton Weighs in on Fellow County Singer's Cancer Battle

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Joey Feek announced last June that she was battling cervical cancer. A couple of weeks ago, doctors told her the treatments she'd been receiving weren't working.

Since that day forward, Joey Feek has vowed to spend every precious moment she has left here on earth with her loved ones. On Monday, husband Rory Feek, the other half of their Joey + Rory duo, announced via his blog that Joey had entered hospice care.

Blake Shelton knows Rory and Joey Feek. The husband and wife singing duo wrote Blake's 2004 hit song, "Some Beach."

On the set of The Voice on Tuesday, Shelton talked about the bravery Joey Feek and her family have displayed.

"The courage that they as a family have displayed--it's inspirational," Blake Shelton says.

"I never really got to know [Rory] that well," he adds. "He was always just someone I kinda knew, but to see what they're going through as a family and what's happening with Joey, what can you say?"

A hospice bed arrived at Rory and Joey Feek's home this week. A play area for their 20-month-old daughter is set up nearby so Joey can watch her play from her bed.

As Blake Shelton said, these folks are inspiring. It's heartbreaking, however, to think that their daughter might not remember much about her mother when she grows up.

Rory Feek said in his blog post that although he and Joey prayed for healing, they also prayed for acceptance of God's will. They now believe God's will is for Joey Feek to go to heaven.

Inspiration aside, Rory Feek will no doubt be a broken man when Joey Feek passes away.

"Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going," he writes in his blog. "So am I."

He'll still have the blessing of a little girl to raise, for whom he must try to keep her mother's memory alive.

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