Joey Chestnut Eats Over Nine Pounds Of Turkey In 10 Minutes


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A lot of people gorge themselves on turkey and other foods during the holidays, but would you ever think it could be possible to eat almost 10 pounds of turkey in one sitting?

How about in 10 minutes?

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut managed to do just that. He was able to eat 9.3 pounds of Turkey in just 10 minutes.

Chestnut competed at the World Turkey-Eating Championships, which were held at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut on Saturday.

He beat the previous record of 7.5 pounds and took home a $5,000 prize. The other competitors didn’t stand a chance.

Joey is a well-known competitive eater, has won numerous competitions, and is best known as a hotdog eating champion.

Although most of the other competitors were not professional competitive eaters, Chestnut wasn’t sure that he had it in the bag at first.

He admitted that he didn’t know if his plan of attack would work on the bird, but was glad that it did.

“I stuck to my plan,” he said after winning.

He shared his excitement about his win on Twitter.

Hopefully Chestnut was able to sleep off all that tryptophan and will be ready for more turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Will anyone ever be able to beat the new record set by Chestnut?