Joey and Rory Feek Enjoy Precious Intimacy for First Time in Months on Joey's Deathbed

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Joey and Rory Feek are milking her last days here on earth for all they're worth. Dying of cervical cancer, Joey Feek has spent the last few months under hospice care in her childhood home in Indiana. Rory is never far from her side.

Last week the couple, known best as Joey + Rory in the music world, enjoyed a sacred few minutes of precious intimacy--albeit on Joey's deathbed.

Rory shares the details on his blog, This Life I Live.

“As I said goodnight and tucked the blankets around her in the little hospital bed she has been living in for months she thanked me for the special night and then made one last request,” Rory writes. “‘If Jody helps me to scoot over to one side...could you try to lay down with me and put your arms around me?’ I haven’t been able to be in the same bed with my wife or hold her in my arms since the beginning of November--when she made her last trip to the hospital. But for one sweet half-an-hour...that changed on Valentine’s Day.”

What a blessing for Joey and Rory to relish those few minutes of closeness--an intimacy that is so difficult to find in the face of terminal illness. There are always people around, not to mention meds to be administered, and a wealth of details that require attention.

Joey and Rory Feek were lauded by the governor of Indiana last week, too. Recipients of the Sagamore of the Wabash Award, Joey and Rory were awed and humbled by the surprise.

“Throughout her battle with cervical cancer, Joey and Rory have maintained their faith in God, while also providing hope and encouragement to family, friends, and thousands of fans that have been impacted by their blog and social media posts,” State Representative Bruce Borders said on behalf of the governor. “Important Hoosier values, such as loving others, serving one’s country, following one’s dreams, and showcasing grace and joy during difficult times — have all been exhibited by Joey and Rory.”

The award was presented to Joey Feek's dad--Jack Martin--on February 17.

Joey and Rory Feek are both upstanding examples of courage. Joey Feek's courage comes in the form of her faith. Rory's comes in his faith, too, as well as perseverance, as he knows the day will soon come when he will have to carry on without his Joey.

May Joey and Rory continue to cherish each precious moment spent together before Joey leaves this earth.

Kimberly Ripley
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