Joel Osteen, Lakewood Mega-Church Pastor, Recalls Beer-Infused First Date With Wife

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Joel Osteen, the well-known pastor of Lakewood Church, recalled the Houston Rockets' back-to-back NBA championships on the 20-year anniversary of the team's first title in 1995 and remembers his first date with his wife that became a little beer-infused.

Joel Osteen, who now preaches in the Summit and Compaq Arena that was once home court for the Rockets, recalled the days when he had season tickets in those winning seasons.

"Some of my best memories are Hakeem playing against Larry Bird, and Ralph Sampson too at that time...the Twin Towers," Joel Osteen told ABC News. "Those games were incredibly exciting."

The mega-church paster recalled his first date with his wife Victoria, which took place at a Rockets game.

"I had given away my season tickets and I didn't realize it. So I had to buy tickets from the scalpers out front," Joel Osteen said.

Back in the day, someone from the stands was offered the chance make a shot to win a car at halftime. The nigh of his date, the person chosen was a guy from his section. The man won, and the celebration that ensued included lots of beer.

"So all of his friends are around me and they jump up and throw their hands in the air, and they all had cups of beer with no lids. So that beer went up in the air and you know how things happen in slow motion. I'm thinking Oh Lord don't let this beer come down on Victoria...I didn't even know her. But it totally came down all over Victoria," said Osteen.

Joel Osteen said it's a good thing to remember all of the special moments in one's life.

"I believe it's good to remember the victories, remember the great things that happened in your life, even sports-wise," he said. " go back and say this was good for the city."

Joel Osteen commented that the spirit of the winning team permeates the building that now celebrates millions of followers' faith.

"This building is where we crowned champions with the Rockets in basketball. In the same way, we tell people we're crowning champions in life," he shares. "God can help you overcome addictions and bad habits and help you reach your dreams. We feel like it's still a place of crowning champions."

Pam Wright