Joel McHale Addresses Hosting Rumors

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Who knew that stepping down from hosting a late night show could become trendy?

First it was Jay Leno, then Dave Letterman and now Craig Ferguson has decided to quit his gig as a talk show host. Obviously the role has to be filled and Joel McHale is one of the names that keeps popping up as replacement. McHale, however, doesn’t think it will happen.

“No one’s called,” said McHale during an interview. “I don’t think I could even do it with Community. I’m under contract. I don’t think legally I could.”

McHale is referring to the clause that many television contracts include, stating that talent is prohibited from performing on a rival network’s shows, and McHale taking on Ferguson’s role would violate such a clause.

If Community is not renewed and McHale is considered, CBS would likely receive flak for hiring another white male to serve as host. It was already under fire for hiring Steven Colbert to replace Letterman, instead of someone who would add cultural diversity to the late night lineup.

“I thought he was so damn good at it,” McHale stated about Ferguson. “He makes gobs of money, he doesn’t have to do anything anymore. His stand-up [career] is huge. He’s world famous when it comes to his stand-up.”

One role McHale is definitely taking on is host of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, although he recently joked about turning the opportunity down.

Also called “Nerdprom,” the White House Correspondents’ Dinner is an event in which the journalists who cover the White House and President Obama get together.

McHale poked fun at the event and its attendees on Twitter.

Of course McHale isn’t backing out of this amazing opportunity. He even visited Letterman’s show Monday night to talk about his new gig.

The annual event will take place on May 3 at the Washington Hilton.

Image via Joel McHale, Twitter

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