Joe Jackson: Stroke Was "Mild", Expected To Recover

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Joe Jackson, father of Janet and the late Michael Jackson, suffered what is being called a "mild" stroke yesterday morning. He is currently being treated in a Las Vegas hospital but is expected to be released later today.

Jackson, 83, has had two other strokes in recent years but is said to be in good spirits and is resting. His family happened to be with him at the time and were able to get him medical treatment quickly.

The legendary matriarch of the Jackson family is still actively working in Vegas, where he is a business developer and promoter. He managed the careers of his children for years, helping the Jackson 5 to become a force to be reckoned with in the '70s.

Jackson's reputation became tarnished in the '80s when allegations of physical abuse began to trickle out from his children, who said he was extremely strict with them while they were developing their musical careers and would often threaten them with beatings during rehearsals if things didn't go the way he thought they should. Michael Jackson, however, said on at least one occasion that his father's strict personality was one of the reasons he became so successful.

Amanda Crum
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