Joe Jackson Discharged From Hospital After Suffering A Stroke In Brazil

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Joe Jackson, father of the famous Jackson siblings has been released from the Sao Paulo hospital after he had suffered a stroke and three heart attacks.

According to reports, Jackson, 87, was in Brazil to celebrate his birthday. Rumors had it that Jackson was seen with younger women in a restaurant soon after his arrival. The party might also have been too exhausting for the party-loving patriarch. They partied and went bar hopping according to sources.

The next day, July 26, Jackson was finally brought to a hospital due to stroke followed by cardiac arrhythmia.

Gossips surrounding the hospitalization of the 87-year-old Jackson had gotten more sensational when one rumor after another linked his cardiac arrest to him taking three Viagras.

A local newspaper, O Diario de Sao Paulo, stated “It was too much for him and he suffered a stroke”.

Lisa Crazy, Jackson’s PR said the reports were baseless and not true at all. According to Lisa, “He sleeps early and doesn’t take medicine without prescription. Nothing of this story is true.”

Joe Jackson’s health has been improving since his discharge. His daughter, Janet, and son, Jermaine were reported to have visited their father.

Joe Jackson was best known as the manager of the Jackson Five consisting of Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael in the 60’s. The group was successful and was widely received by audiences.

It seems like Joe Jackson will forever be in the spotlight for this is not the first time his name was dragged into a controversy. His treatment of his youngest son had become a topic in the early 90’s after Michael Jackson’s interview with Oprah Winfrey hinted physical abuse. Later on, he admitted to whipping his youngest son with a belt.

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