Joe Biden Aides Say He's Likely to Join 2016 Presidential Race

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Joe Biden aides have spoken volumes in recent days--with their actions more so than with their words, however. A new report claims they have contacted Democratic donors and supporters to discuss the timing of an announcement--one that puts Joe Biden in the 2016 presidential race.

On Monday, Vice-President Joe Biden met with political advisors, and discussed jumping into the 2016 campaign in time to make the Democratic debate, scheduled for October 13. They are said to be perfecting his campaign message and hiring campaign staff.

Of course it's still entirely possible that Biden will opt out at the 11th hour, as he is still feeling the emotional trauma of having lost his son, Beau Biden, to cancer in May.

If Joe Biden enters the race, it will be timed perfectly with Hillary Clinton's plan to reassure her supporters that probes into her use of a personal email server while she was Secretary of State won't throw her candidacy off track. The controversy hasn't served Hillary well, and has instead boosted Bernie Sanders in the Democratic polls.

There are only four Democratic debates scheduled before the February 1 Iowa caucuses. If Joe Biden is throwing his hat into the proverbial ring, he will likely either do it before that first October debate, or not do it at all.

Hillary Clinton is set to appear before the Republican-controlled House committee on October 22, and testify on the Benghazi attack in 2012 that killed four Americans. It is likely she will be questioned about use of the personal email server at that time, too. Her statements on October 22 could serve to enhance Joe Biden's candidacy, should he choose to run.

Do you agree with recent chatter on behalf of Joe Biden's aides that the vice-president is likely to join the 2016 race? Will he wait until after the October 13th debate or pass up the national TV opportunity, relying instead of his position as VP to keep him in the public eye?

How do you expect Joe Biden's entrance will impact Hillary Clinton's campaign?

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