Jodie Sweetin Talks 'Dream Come True' Reprising Stephanie Tanner in 'Fuller House'

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Jodie Sweetin calls the reprisal of her Full House character Stephanie Tanner a 'dream come true.' During a recent interview with Us Weekly she gushed with excitement over the show's reboot, Fuller House.

"I am beyond thrilled!" she exclaimed. "To say I'm excited, I don't think is quite an adequate term for it. I'm getting to do something and have an opportunity to be a part of something I hold incredibly dear to me, with people that are my family that I've known since I was five years old. To be able to go back and do this as an adult and really bring the Stephanie character back to life and who she is as an adult, who wouldn't be excited to be able to do that?"

So what has Stephanie Tanner been up to in the years since Full House bid fans adieu? Jodie Sweetin was beyond excited to share details about her now grown-up character.

"Steph has been a world traveler. She is a little bit of a free spirit," she explained. "She's kind of an aspiring musician, she's been traveling all over. I think she's gonna be really fun to play."

Jodie Sweetin plans on interjecting a bit of Jodie Sweetin into Stephanie Tanner as well. That will certainly be fun for fans to see.

"I think I'm gonna get to bring a lot of elements of myself to [Stephanie], which I did as a kid," she shared. "But I don't think I really realized I was doing it. When you're a kid that's just who you are. I think I'm going to get to bring some really fun life into Stephanie and who she is and what she's up to."

Candace Cameron Bure will reprise her Full House role as D.J. Tanner--Stephanie's big sister. Andrea Barber will play D.J.'s BFF Kimmy Gibbler once again, too. John Stamos will reprise his Uncle Jesse role on a recurring basis, and just this week Dave Coulier announced he would be doing the same as surrogate Uncle Joey.

Are you excited about the Netflix airing of Fuller House starting in 2016? Filming is set to begin this summer. Do you think you--or any of the other Full House characters--are as excited as Jodie Sweetin?

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