Jodie Sweetin: Miley Cyrus Posts Raunchy Photos of "Fuller House's" Stephanie Tanner

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Jodie Sweetin appears online in a rather compromising position, thanks to "Wrecking Ball" singer Miley Cyrus. The former Hannah Montana star posted the pic in recent days of Fuller House's Stephanie Tanner straddling a man, during her drinking and drugging days.

The raunchy picture of Jodie Sweetin has caused a bit of an upset among Miley Cyrus fans, who firmly believe she shouldn't have posted the shot.

Cyrus posted the pictures on her Instagram account, and captioned them as follows.

"Current Mood #fullerhouse," she wrote.

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

A source tells that Miley Cyrus didn't mean to cause Jodie Sweetin any harm.

Really? She certainly didn't post the pic because she believed it was flattering to Jodie Sweetin.

“Miley didn’t mean to cause any harm with her Jodie Sweetin post, she was just having a bit of fun,” the source explains. “She sexualizes everything, and she wasn’t poking fun at Jodie’s drug use or anything like that. Miley’s actually been watching the new Fuller House, so that’s what made her think of it. She didn’t feel it was inappropriate. She actually felt that Jodie was showing off her sexier side in the pics being normally so wholesome in the show.”

The source also adds that Miley Cyrus didn't expect the backlash she has received since posting the Jodie Sweetin shots on Thursday.

Is Miley Cyrus completely stupid? What actress would want a photo from her days battling substance abuse posted on the internet--especially at the same time her new TV show premieres?

It definitely sounds like Miley was up to no good when she shared these pictures of Jodie Sweetin. How do you suppose Liam Hemsworth feels about his alleged fiancee's complete lack of empathy?

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