Jodie Sweetin Fans Ripping Miley Cyrus For Posting Racy Photos Of Stephanie Tanner's Drug And Alcohol Abuse Days

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Jodie Sweetin is a far cry from the wholesome Stephanie Tanner in pics posted by Miley Cyrus over the weekend.

Miley Cyrus posted the pics to Instagram with the caption "Current Mood #fullerhouse"

The pics show Jodie Sweetin straddling a shady-looking dude during her younger drug and alcohol abusing days.

Miley Cyrus may have got a laugh or two from the photos, but Jodie Sweetin likely didn't find them very funny.

I mean, no one who is a former abuser wants to have those days shoved back in their face. Especially in the midst of a career comeback, which Jodie Sweetin is definitely experiencing.

Current Mood #fullerhouse

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Jodie Sweetin hasn't said anything about the post publicly yet, but sources have already tried to come to Miley's defense.

One source reportedly said, “Miley didn’t mean to cause any harm with her Jodie Sweetin post, she was just having a bit of fun. She sexualizes everything, and she wasn’t poking fun at Jodie’s drug use or anything like that. Miley’s actually been watching the new Fuller House, so that’s what made her think of it."

The source added, "She didn’t feel it was inappropriate. She actually felt that Jodie was showing off her sexier side in the pics being normally so wholesome in the show.”

The source went on to added, “She would never poke fun at someone’s addiction problems or substance abuse.”

However, despite the defense, Miley Cyrus has ticked off a lot of people.

One comment said, "What happened to your antibully stance?"

Another said, "You're jealous of her light. Truly sad."

Yet another said, "Is Miley for real? You want to try to embarrass someone on mistakes they've made in their past? LOLOLOL pot, meet kettle."

What do you think about Miley posting those pics of a younger and wilder Jodie Sweetin?

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