Jodi Arias Verdict To Be Announced This Afternoon

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Jodi Arias, the young woman accused of murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander, will hear the jury's verdict today after a painful four months in trial.

Arias claimed a masked intruder murdered her love, but after prosecutors introduced incriminating evidence she eventually admitted she killed Alexander, but only in self-defense. Alexander was found in his shower with 30 stab wounds, a gunshot to the head, and a slit throat about a week after he was killed.

Prosecutors say she killed him not out of self-defense, but rather in a murderous rage after he denied her and began seeing other women. She says he tackled her after a day spent in bed, slamming her to the floor, and that she managed to escape his grip to hide in the closet. There, she found a gun and shot him. She claims to have no memory of stabbing him, however. Arias says she moved the body and hid the gun because she was afraid her story wouldn't be believed.

With such shaky testimony, it's hard to say what the outcome of the trial will be. There were no witnesses and so far it has only been Jodi's word against a dead man. Arias has, throughout the trial, painted a picture of herself as a woman deeply in love, who had sensual phone conversations with Alexander and wrote him poetry.

It looks like Arias will do jail time no matter what the jury has decided; if she's found guilty of first degree murder, she will either receive life in prison or the death penalty. If the jury believes it wasn't pre-meditated, she could get 10-21 years.

Amanda Crum
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