Joan Collins Returning To TV In "The Royals"

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Joan Collins is making a return to TV. Though unexpected, her return will be in an interesting role.

She will star in E!'s first scripted series called The Royals. The show is about a fictional royal family based in modern day London. It will be an hour long and will run on the E! network.

Joan Collins, 81, will give life to the character Grand Duchess of Oxford, otherwise known as the mother of Queen Helena. Helena is played by Elizabeth Hurley.

Helena is said to be a woman of great power who knows how to get what she wants.

Kevin Plunkett, SVP of scripted programming for E!, said, "This is a big idea and Mark, Brian, Joe and the Lionsgate team delivered. They have an extraordinary track record at crafting buzz worthy content that reflects and drives the pop culture discussion,"

He continued, "This team, working on this concept, with this cast is a great way for us to launch our first scripted show."

Collins described her character as "the only woman in the world more formidable and imposing" than Queen Helena. Joan Collins' character, the Grand Duchess, will sweep into the story line with "an entourage and an agenda."

Sounds fun and not too unlike her personality as Alexis Colby on Dynasty.

Collins is excited to be returning to TV again after a sizeable absence. She is primed and ready to take part in the show.

"I am delighted to be part of this very entertaining project," she said.

Jeff Olde, executive vice president of original programming & development for E!, said in a statement, "We are excited that E!'s first original scripted series will transport viewers into a world that they are already intensely interested in, but reality cameras would never give them access to."

He continued, "The Royals will offer a fictional look behind the very public gilded façade of the palace gates to imagine the private, lush, fun, sexy world of the most-watched celebrity family on the planet. It's a perfect series to introduce E! viewers to scripted pop culture programming on the network."

Congratulations to Joan Collins on her new role!

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