Joan Collins Makes TV Comeback In 'The Royals'

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English actress Joan Collins is set to guest star in The Royals, the very first scripted series to come from E!

The Royals is an hour-long drama about a fictional British family, set in modern-day Buckingham. The Royals cast also includes stars Elizabeth Hurley, Vincent Regan, Haley Lu Richardson, and William Moseley, among others.

The plot revolves around a young prince (Moseley) who becomes king after his older brother dies in an accident. The prince is in love with an American student (Richardson) who has helped him cope with the loss of his brother and his new role. The prince’s relationship with her brings conflict as the Queen (Hurley) does not approve of it.

Most remembered for her role in Dynasty, 81-year-old Collins will play the role of the toughie Grand Duchess of Oxford, mother to the monarch Queen Helena, which will be played by Hurley.

E! has described Collin’s role as "the only woman in the world more formidable and imposing" than her daughter. The network writes that the Grand Duchess will enter the show with "an entourage and an agenda.”

Collins is a staunch monarchist in real life, and is known for her popular quote: "I'm a big monarchist and I love the Queen." In a recent interview with PEOPLE about her TV comeback, Collins said: "I am delighted to be part of this very entertaining project."

The Royals is written and directed by Mark Schwann of One Tree Hill fame. Schwann and fellow OTH alum -- Brian Robbins and Joe Davola -- are also its executive producers.  The series is scheduled to come out in the first quarter of 2015.

Collins was born and raised in London. She entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London when she was nine, and has since been acting in movies and on TV, with roles in British series like Footballer's Wives and the US sitcom Will & Grace. She has penned several books, including several memoirs and fictional novels.  She is also the public face of several charities for children.

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