Jimmy Kimmel Issues Challenge to Ryan Seacrest

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Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge to Ryan Seacrest--one he felt was kind of necessary for the man who works all the time. If he isn't hosting American Idol, he's doing his own radio show. In between he fields phone calls from celebrities like Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and more. And don't forget, he also serves as executive producer on a number of reality TV shows.

It was Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, while Ryan Seacrest was a guest on the show that Kimmel issued the challenge. He challenged Seacrest to sit still for an entire minute. In fact, he told him to sit for one minute without doing anything at all.

So how did Ryan Seacrest do? Was he able to rise to the occasion of Jimmy Kimmel's challenge?

Since Ryan Seacrest appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for more than his allotted one-minute challenge, the two had to discuss something besides Seacrest's inability to stop. That said, the two men talked about how each was featured in People magazine's 2014 Sexiest Man Alive "Geeky to Gorgeous" section. In fact, they perused some childhood photos of one another, comparing their geek factor. At one point Jimmy Kimmel combined two of their childhood photos to make it look like they grew up together.

"This is ridiculous," Ryan, 39, said, pointing to his own childhood pic, as he told Jimmy Kimmel, who is 47, of his pic, "This is actually pretty cool."

"No," Jimmy replied. "It wasn't. Trust me!"

Did you catch Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night? What was your initial thought when Kimmel issued the one-minute challenge to Ryan Seacrest? Which of the two do you think was in fact the 'geekiest,' and whom do you feel is the better looking now?

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