Jimmy Fallon Talks Puke, Poop, and Pics

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Jimmy Fallon has taken to the job of being a dad even faster than the job of being a late night talk show host. The former SNL cast member and current king of late night has a new book coming out called Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada. He tells Parents Magazine that reading to his daughter is a big thing for him.

"I loved reading to Winnie, and at the time I came up with the book it was important to me that her first word be 'Dada.' I went as far as to try to trick her into saying 'Dada' by calling everything 'Dada' from her bottle to diapers to strawberries."

But despite his best efforts, Jimmy Fallon's daughter's first word was not "Dada." It was "Mama."

"I just thought it would be a cute story when people asked, 'What was the baby’s first word?' I wanted to say, 'It was "Dada". She loves her Dada.' And everyone would go 'aww.' But sadly, 'Mama' was her first word. That’s why I invented this book, so hopefully other dads can trick their kids."

Being a parent means talking a lot about things that people usually don't talk about before they have kids. Like puke. And crap.

"They vomit a lot. For a second I thought I needed to rename my first Linda Blair and hire a priest, because she was spitting up so much. And people think they can talk to you about poop. 'Oh, you have a new baby? Is she sleeping? Is she pooping?' Normally I’d be blushing, but as a parent you just get used to it, and pooping is just another verb in your vocabulary."

The other thing that parents are notorious for, besides talking about puke and poop, is showing off baby pictures. Jimmy Fallon is no exception.

"I thought I’d never be that annoying person, but as soon as Winnie was born I was showing iPhone snaps to a cab driver."

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