Jimmy Carter Announces Sudden Passing of 28-Year-Old Grandson to Sunday School Class

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Former President Jimmy Carter is grieving the sudden passing of his 28-year-old grandson. Jeremy Carter's untimely death was completely unexpected.

Despite learning of this devastating loss just hours earlier, Jimmy Carter still went to church on Sunday. He addressed his Sunday School class as planned--using his loss as a means of discussing grief. He told the class to “be filled with a sense of joy and thanksgiving."

“I should be joyful and thankful to God for giving me both life and freedom,” he said.

Jimmy Carter regularly teaches a Sunday School class at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia. Just two Sundays ago he announced happy news. The radiation treatments he underwent removed all traces of cancer from his body.

Jeremy Shoulta is the pastor of Jimmy Carter's church. He confirmed the former president's announcement about his grandson to CNN.

"Jeremy Carter had not been feeling well [on Saturday], and at some point later in the day he had gone to sleep, and during the course of that time, his heart stopped," the pastor said. "[President Carter] was shaken. He was obviously sad, although he was able to teach and he was able to present the lesson as well as he always has. But it was apparent to everyone there that this was weighing on him very heavily."

The grace Jimmy Carter showed in the face of grief is inspiring. Many people his age would wonder why he got a reprieve from his cancer, yet his young grandson died. They would have lamented the unfairness of the devastating situation.

Jimmy Carter has long been strong in his Christian faith. He no doubt believes that one day soon, he and his grandson will be reunited in Heaven.

Kimberly Ripley
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