Jim Parsons Plays Johnny Weir On SNL

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First time Saturday Night Live host Jim Parsons was able to separate himself from his character Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. Parsons has been playing the character since the show’s pilot in 2007. The Big Bang Theory is currently in its 7th season.

Some people have associated Parsons with his character, thinking that Sheldon Cooper is exactly like him in real life. Parsons has several awards under his belt including a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series and three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, so it is easy to see how convincing he can be as an actor.

On Saturday night, Parsons came out and introduced himself to the audience while reminding them that he is not a scientist and he can't speak Klingon. He then did a musical number singing that “he’s not that guy.” He also made references on other actors on television that have been known as their characters including Jaleel White played by Jay Pharoah in Family Matters, and Bobby Moynihan played by Jason Alexander on Seinfeld.

Parsons also did a sketch wherein he played figure skater and NBC commentator, Johnny Weir, while being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres played by Kate McKinnon. Parsons came out sporting leather pants and a hot pink blazer. More accessories were added each time the camera panned back to him.

When asked if he had fun in Russia, Cooper answered “I looked like a local… it was like a gay Where’s Waldo.”

When asked where he got his fashion sense, he simply answered from his parents, and continued that his mother is a high school teacher and his father is a Christmas ornament.

Other characters he portrayed include serial killer Mark Alan Henry and Peter Pan. Parsons was able to commit and deliver on all the sketches to the audience’s delight. It also reminded everyone that Jim Parsons is not Sheldon Cooper.

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