Jim Marshall lived a Long and Loud Life


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Jim Marshall, the founder of Marshall Amplification, died a legend today at the age of 88. Without Marshall's electric expertise rock music would not sound the same.

Musical instruments act as cameras that capture the essence of the artist playing them. Whenever an artist plugs into a Marshall amplifier, they are posing for a glamour shot.

The London born Lord of Loud was an electrical engineer by day and a singer and drummer at night during World War II. He built a portable amplification system so his light, crooning vocals could be heard over his drums. He noticed that the amplifier improved his stage presence and focused his energies on refining the instrument. It took him six attempts to create an amp he was happy with.

He was the first person to stack amplifiers to create a wall of sound.

His company, Marshall Amplification, has created kits used by some of the biggest names in rock, producing amplifiers with an iconic status.

Check out this smokin YouTube video that showcases a Marshall shoot-out:

Fans from around the world tweeted his loss: