Jillian Michaels Opens Up About Her Nose Job And Her New Show

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Jillian Michaels is known for a lot of things – her confidence, her determination to make her protégées reach their weight goals and her way of inspiring people.

Who would’ve thought that this uber confident woman was bullied at a very young age?

In one interview, Michaels recounted the time when a group of students from her school gathered around her and made fun of her looks, particularly about her nose which she described was “the size of a softball.”

The incident was so bad that her mother had to place her in another school.

The incident made her decide to have a nose job, and she admits that she never regretted her decision as she felt more confident after the surgery.

While she has always encouraged her clients to look for their inner strength to lead better lives, Michaels also admits that a little plastic surgery can be a positive thing, “little” being the operative word here.

“There are some things that can make people feel really insecure,” the Biggest Loser trainer admits. “So, if there is something you want to fix that allows you to feel a little bit more confident, I support it.”

But she cautions that it has to be done “for the right reasons.”

This mindset is probably what led the outspoken personal trainer to leave The Biggest Loser.

According to Michaels, she wanted some changes to be made to the show but the producers weren’t too keen about it. Reports say that some of those changes were prompted by the extreme weight loss of winner Rachel Frederickson, who dropped 155 lbs.

The fitness guru believed Frederickson “lost too much weight” and said she felt “ashamed” by the incident.

But the 41-year-old Michaels is now moving on and will be seen next in Just Jillian, a new docu-reality show for E!

Just Jillian will revolve around the Biggest Loser trainer as she tries to juggle her private life with the demands of business.

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