Jillian Michaels Leaving The Biggest Loser

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Jillian Michaels will not be a trainer for The Biggest Loser's upcoming 16th season. NBC and the show's production company said on Wednesday that they are parting ways with Jillian Michaels for the time being.

This is the third time that Michaels has left the show. In 2012, Jillian Michaels returned for the shows 14th season after an absence she took to focus on the adoption of her daughter, Lukensia.

Whether or not she will return later was not announced and neither was her replacement.

Jillian Michaels' story of growing up as an overweight and unhappy girl who went on to turn the fitness world upside down as a super fit drill sergeant mega-trainer has inspired many to shed their extra weight and be healthy. Jillian Michaels has sold millions and millions of workout DVD's because people look up to her and some need that tough love.

What many want to know is whether or not this split is due to the controversy that shadowed The Biggest Loser back in February when contestant Rachel Frederickson won after a huge weight drop that took her (rather quickly) from 260 to 105 pounds. She shocked the nation with her boney appearance and had many questioning if the show or the trainers, including Jillian Michaels, had gone too far.

Whether or not that was the cause, critics of the show started wondering, after the Frederickson fiasco, if the show focused too much on body size. They say that perhaps the show should focus more on health.

As The Biggest Loser returns for season 16 without Jillian Michaels in the fall, will we see some changes to the way they present true health? Either way, The Biggest Loser has always been an inspiration to the millions who watch and are struggling with their own weight and health. No doubt it will continue to be so without Jillian.

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