Jillian Michaels: Biggest Loser Winner Lost Too Much Weight

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Jillian Michaels defended Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson's weight loss just a couple of weeks ago. Now she is saying she believes the contestant lost too much weight.

"Nobody told me like, 'Oh hey, Rachel is very, very thin.' Bob [Harper] and I had no idea," Michaels, 40, told HuffPost Live in a recent Skype interview. "Nobody had told us. Nobody had said anything to us. So yes, I was stunned. Obviously I thought she had lost too much weight."

It was plain to see when Rachel appeared on stage at the Biggest Loser finale that both Jillian Michaels and trainer Bob Harper were positively stunned to see how thin Rachel Frederickson had become.

"I was immediately concerned and wondering how this happened," the Biggest Loser trainer said.

Frederickson, a 5-foot-4 former competitive swimmer, came in at the finale at 105 pounds. She had gone from a size 20 to a size 0/2. But according to Michaels, trainers are allowed to keep in touch with contestants once they continue trying to drop the weight on their own at home. She now admits Frederickson slipped through the cracks after filming for The Biggest Loser ended. It's plain to see how thin she is in this tweet and photo, taken the day after she was named as winner.

"In my opinion, this had fallen through those checks and balances," she continued. "With that said, anybody who gains too much weight or loses too much weight, ironically these are manifestations of the same issue. It simply means that somebody is utilizing their relationship with food to manage emotions that are painful, hard, difficult to face or control."

Word of how thin Rachel Frederickson was circulated through the media mill quickly on the day after she was crowned The Biggest Loser. Hopefully the show does something to provide the winning contestant with some serious medical intervention--or at least access to it--now that even Jillian Michaels admits how shocked both she and Bob Harper were with her results.

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