Jill Scott Voices Support for Bill Cosby, Debates on Twitter

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Actress and singer-songwriter Jill Scott is under fire for voicing her support for Bill Cosby who continues to have rape allegations stack up against him.

The argument started when the 42-year-old was asked to sign and share a petition on Twitter to support Temple University severing its ties with Cosby. Scott, who holds an honorary doctorate from Temple, shot back on the social media outlet.

In response to a follower who called her out, Scott replied, "@SimplyBerry u know Bill Cosby? I do child and this is insane. Proof. Period."

Scott also stated that she has "learned not to believe too much without proof, especially about someone whose done so much for our greater good."

But once the ball got rolling, more and more Twitter followers chimed in with statements such as "so because you know him he can't do any wrong?" and "I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the accounts of 20 women with extremely similar tales." In fact, Scott was hit from all sides including women who previously saw her as a "soldier for women." However, Scott claimed that she wasn't taking sides but is in fact looking for "substantiated proof when media/society is attempting to destroy a magnificent Legacy."

Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting as many as 20 women since the 1960s. Although Cosby has not addressed these allegations, TV Land has dropped all reruns of The Cosby Show and Netflix has pulled Bill Cosby 77 from the previously-planned Thanksgiving release.

Soon after Scott's Twitter interactions started she dropped out and deleted the posts, but not before she left a piece of advice.

"Rape is a despicable, cowardly crime," she Tweeted. "If you've been raped- plz do NOT shower, go to police IMMEDIATELY, have a rap kit done. GET EVIDENCE."

Cosby presented Scott with her honorary degree from Temple. He also holds a Temple degree of his own. But on Monday, most likely to the delight of the Twitter followers, the 77-year-old comedian resigned from the school's board of trustees.

Scott replied to this as well by Tweeting, "So they've proven the alleged allegations? I didn't know. Will they also be giving him back the millions he's donated?"

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