Jill Duggar's Sister Marries, Gets First Kiss, All On Same Day

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Jill Duggar is about to have her first baby, and little sister Jessa is not far behind.

Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald have been together a little over a year. They were married today in a ceremony that was witnessed by over a thousand people.

The couple put rules in place for their courtship, similar to those her siblings had.

“Dad allowed them to do a side hug when they were officially courting,” Jessa’s mom Michelle said. "Jessa and Ben have said that was the only contact they would have, when they initially greet each other, when he comes to visit for their first hello, they have a quick 30 second or less side hug and a goodbye side hug and they agreed that would be the only contact they should have."

"They want to wait on the physical relationship until later," she explained. "If there is an engagement that comes about, they will work together on their goals and standards for that."

Apparently part of the “goals and standards” for their engagement was that they would not even kiss until the wedding ceremony culmination, when the minister tells them they can.

Jill’s new brother-in-law was excited to see so many people supporting him and Jessa on the weekend they finally marry.

“When I look at all the faces surrounding us tonight,” Ben Seewald told the dozens at the wedding rehearsal, “I don’t know how to thank all of you for investing in our lives, and in our life together. Y'all make us feel so special."

Jill herself said, “Jessa and I shared a lot with us being in relationships and us getting married, and now they are following along. We have great examples in our parents that love doesn't have to end. Spend lots of time together and remember, the honeymoon doesn't have to end."

"And we're looking forward to seeing more cousins," Jill's husband Derick said.

Given the traditions and beliefs of the Duggar family — don’t kiss until your wedding day, then make babies like there’s no tomorrow — Derick probably hit the nail on the head.

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