Jill Duggar Tweets Sermon on Infidelity, Related to Latest Josh Duggar Scandal?

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Jill Duggar Tweeted a sermon on infidelity in the wake of her brother Josh Duggar's latest scandal. Josh Duggar--who previously admitted to molesting Jill and sister Jessa Duggar--now admits to having two Ashley Madison accounts as well as to cheating on his wife, Anna Duggar.

The sermon Jill Duggar Tweeted was given by Pastor Ronnie Floyd of Cross Church in Arkansas. This is the church where Jill Duggar married Derick Dillard a year ago June.

Pastor Floyd's sermon is about the "sexual epidemic" in the U.S., and the topic of infidelity in marriage.

Something Pastor Floyd said during his sermon on infidelity that has commenters on Jill Duggar's Instagram account on fire is that women are responsible for keeping their husbands happy so they don't stray.

Does this mean Anna Duggar is to blame for Josh Duggar's infidelity? Hopefully Jill Duggar isn't backing the pastor on that facet of his sermon.

The pastor does, however, say that it is wrong to be unfaithful--both sexually and emotionally--to one's spouse.

What do you think Jill Duggar's purpose of sharing this sermon with her followers might have been? Is she supporting Josh Duggar or admonishing him for his recent actions?

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