Jessica Simpson Steps Out Looking Super Fit And Healthy After Addiction Accusations

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Jessica Simpson has been under the media microscope since rumors began swirling of an addiction problem recently.

Radar reported that Jessica Simpson's mother, Tina Simpson, is dealing with her own struggles and wanted to make a mother-daughter trip to rehab to help her and Jessica.

A source said of Tina and Jessica Simpson's situation, “Jessica’s drinking has gotten out of control, and she uses Adderall as a diet drug. One minute she’s fine and the next minute she’s talking nonsense and acting all crazy.”

The source went on to explain that Tina Simpson "drowned her sorrows in Vodka" during her split with Jessica Simpson's father, Joe Simpson, back in 2012. Apparently, the habit has continued. Now she wants her and Jess to both get the help they need.

Now, Tina Simpson is engaged to Jon Goldstein and wants to put her issues “squarely behind her before she walks down the aisle.”

The source added, “Going to rehab with Jessica means she can kill two birds with one stone. Tina sees it as a win-win for mother and daughter.”

However, Jessica Simpson stepped out with her pregnant sister, Ashlee Simpson, over the weekend and looked pretty amazing and healthy in really short denim shorts.

This is what it is all about @bretharrison @laurenz422 and my hunk of a husband

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I don't know, Jessica Simpson doesn't seem to have a problem to me. Could these rumors have stemmed from an isolated incident?

What do you think? Do you think Jessica Simpson needs to go to rehab?

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