Jessica Simpson Shows Off Weight Loss With Pics

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Jessica Simpson has been struggling with her weight for several years now. When she became pregnant with her first child she admitted to feeling hungry all the time and making bad food choices and gained a lot of weight. She packed on the pounds and was almost unrecognizable when at her heaviest.

She became a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers and was able to lose a fair amount of weight on the program. Her weight loss celebration was short lived and she soon gained back a lot of the weight.

When she became pregnant for a second time she struggled with eating healthy to avoid gaining too much weight again. Unfortunately, she still gained weight during her pregnancy and had a hard time losing it after giving birth.

Again she teamed up with Weight Watchers and this time she has lost a lot more weight. She recently showed off her amazing weight loss on Instagram and Twitter where she posted photos of herself in a bikini.

Simpson did not elaborate on how much weight she has lost, but in February she said that she had lost at least 50 pounds. She not only looks leaner, but healthier and happier as well.

Simpson and her fiancé are planning to get married later this year and her wedding is one of the many reasons she wanted to lose weight. The couple recently celebrated their 4-year anniversary together.

In the past she has said how comfortable her fiancé made her feel with her weight, but stressed that she still wanted to lose weight so she could be healthier and more active with her kids. With two small toddlers, Simpson should have no problem staying in shape while chasing after them.

What do you think of her weight loss and photos?

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