Jessica Simpson Defended by HSN President Following Slurring, Odd Behavior on Live TV

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Jessica Simpson slurred her words and acted very strange during a recent live HSN broadcast, prompting many to believe she was drunk or high while on TV.

HSN president Bill Brand says that's simply not the case, in a recent interview during which he defends Jessica Simpson.

“Of course she wasn’t drunk,” Brand told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the episode, which went viral when Twitter questioned her sobriety during the show. “[She was] a top-notch professional.”

"She was here. She was thrilled to be here,” he said of Jessica Simpson, who was touting her new 10th anniversary collection. “I can tell you our team loved working with her.”

Jessica Simpson was so giddy she sounded drunk. She didn't appear steady on her feet either. She chattered nonsensically about her sister, Ashlee Simpson.

"Ashlee is like the best at wearing gray,” she said while introducing her “Kiss Me” super skinny gray jeans. “My sister. Like, she’s very rock ’n’ roll, but there’s something about a gray that’s, like, sexy. Maybe it’s her and her husband [Evan Ross], they share jeans, I have no idea. I don’t know. There’s just something hot about them.”

Do you think Jessica Simpson likes the word "like?"

Jessica Simpson hasn't issued a statement regarding her behavior on HSN earlier this week--and why would she? She has the company president coming to her defense.

Did you see Jessica Simpson on HSN, selling her jeans? Do you think she was stone cold sober--or maybe a little stoned instead?

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