Jessica Sanchez is Declared Cancer-Free and Returns Back to WKMG


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Traffic reporter Jessica Sanchez at WKMG-Channel 6 will be returning back to work following a one-year struggle with cancer.

If you're unfamiliar with Sanchez, you may remember the very outspoken journalist for her controversial response to a drunk interviewee during a live Superbowl report last January 31 in New Orleans.

In the video a young female, who is obviously under the influence, interrupts Sanchez's live standup. In response, the annoyed TV journalist informed the lady that her report was on STDs and asked if she ever had any.

Of course the news report went viral and Sanchez received a mix of backlashes and support for how she handled the "videobombing." Thus, WKMG saw something in her that others did not and she continued forward with her position as a traffic reporter.

Sanchez was later diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, in which the station announced to the public in March 2013. In April she shared her story during a live broadcast.

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Now, after extensive treatment and chemotherapy, the 33-year-old is said to continuously receive negative test results. Her oncologist has diagnosed her condition to be cancer-free.

WKMG’s General Manager Skip Valet reported to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper that he is “pleased to announce that Jessica Sanchez continues to get positive news from her doctors” and looks forward to her returning on a part-time schedule.

Sanchez, who is so excited about her reunion with WKMG, plans to come back to her job sometime next week.

Since Sanchez is still reassessing her energy level, the station authorized her to start behind the scenes so she can retrain with new equipment and slowly build her way back up to being an on-air reporter. (image)

"They want to see how I do with all of that. I want to go back and go back for good. I think it's the best way to go back in part time and get used to everything,” she told the newspaper.

One of the things Sanchez is most concerned about is reprogramming her body to wake up in the early morning hours for work. Besides that, she is more than ready to readjust to all the changes that have occurred since she has been away.

As for the station, Valet confirms that they are more than sure that Sanchez is ready to start back work again.

“It feels so good to say I see the light again,” she stated. “I see normal again.”

The cancer-survivor plans to broadcast her return next week during an on-air newscast segment.

Check out the "videobombing" report below:

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