Jessica Sanchez: Can She Topple Phillip Phillips?

Amanda CrumLife

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"American Idol" fans have had plenty of time for wild speculation about who will be crowned this year's winner, and aren't shy about voicing their opinions. And while dreamy Phillip Phillips is at the forefront and is, by all accounts, the projected winner, many are hoping for a boost of estrogen this year.

The main concern is that Jessica Sanchez, Phillips' opponent, is a little young to carry a popular radio single, especially in comparison to Phillips' song, which is being hailed as Mumford and Sons-ish and could have mass appeal. But Jessica does seem to have the pipes, and if history proves right, she's also got the right chromosomes on her side. While there have been plenty of male winners, the women have dominated the charts over the years, from Kelly Clarkson to Carrie Underwood.

Of course, one could say that the title really doesn't mean much. In some past cases, the singer who took 2nd place has ended up becoming more of a name than the winner (anyone remember Ruben Studdard? Exactly). But for the contestants, viewer votes mean they have a tangible form of acceptance, a way to tally just how many people enjoy their performances, and audience feedback is important in a contest like this one.

Amanda Crum
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