Jessica Lange Will Do 1 More Season Of AHS

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Jessica Lange has undoubtedly been the backbone of "American Horror Story" throughout it's three varied seasons, and fans will be truly disappointed to learn that she's only signing on for one more go.

The Oscar-winning actress says she's loved her time on the show--which has earned her an Emmy and a Golden Globe--but says she only sees herself participating in one more dark tale before she moves on.

Actually, season 3 was deliberately written to be a bit more lighthearted than season 2, which saw Lange play a nun with rather dark sensibilities. This time around, we'll see a little more of creator Ryan Murphy's sense of humor through pop culture references--which are mostly aimed at Kathy Bates' character Madame LaLaurie, who is freed from a tomb after nearly two centuries--and cheeky, snappy dialogue.

“I think Ryan was maybe even surprised by how fast and how dark it got last year,” Lange said. “Of course, that’s right up my alley. I like that a lot. But I think this season was a deliberate attempt to lighten it and add some humor. And I’m not against humor; my sensibilities just always tend toward the more tragic or the darker.”

From what Murphy says, it seems like season 4 will be as different as the other installments in the series have, and it will leave room for Lange to go out with a bang.

"I can't say anything. All I'll say is, Jessica Lange has always wanted to play a Marlene Dietrich figure, and now she gets to," he teased.

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