"Jessica Jones" Sneak Peeks Highlight David Tennant As Villain Kilgrave

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Jessica Jones is set to debut on Netflix this coming Friday and Marvel fans all over are surely ecstatic.

A couple of sneak peeks from Jessica Jones have been released, though these do not feature Jessica Jones herself but the villain Kilgrave, played by none other than the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

While it may be hard to think of David Tennant as a bad guy in Jessica Jones after watching him in Doctor Who, it's not that hard to imagine after the new teasers.

Jessica Jones revolves around the title character as she tries to overcome the demons from her short-lived stint as a superhero.

In order to still be a helpful member of society, Jessica Jones opens a detective agency.

@ekadarville as Malcom and @rachaelmaytaylor as Trish - amazing costars and amazing humans. I love these two #jessicajones out 11-20!

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However, her past is not entirely behind her.

Jessica Jones is played by Krysten Ritter, who is known for her roles in Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars.

According to Jessica Jones executive producer Melissa Rosenberg, Ritter is absolutely perfect for the role.

She said, "There were just a couple of very dry lines, just a couple, in a hugely dramatic scene, and they were just kind of buried in there. As they say, drama is easy, comedy is hard ... and it was interesting to watch all of the dramatic actors who came in, [and] those lines just died."

She added, "She got it. It was that balance between profound emotional drama and finding the different levels, finding just a second of levity, but keeping it grounded, not stopping for the laugh. She just throws it away, her range is impressive."

Are you super excited to binge-watch Jessica Jones this weekend?

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