"Jessica Jones" A Huge Success, Proves Appeal Of More Adult-Themed Marvel Shows

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Jessica Jones is barely a week into its big debut, and there's no doubt that it is a massive success.

Quickly making it to many "must-see" lists, Jessica Jones is the talk of the town and for good reason.

The casting for Jessica Jones is magical and the story is irresistible in its complexity and dark tone.

Daredevil sort of paved the way for the more mature material that Marvel has to offer and proved that there was a more than eager audience ready for that kind of thing.

It's great fun watching troubled private eye Jessica Jones face her demons and her twisted past and deal with her incredibly delusional arch enemy, Kilgrave.

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Some might say that the star of Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter, has a lot to do with the successs of the show.

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg gushed about Krysten Ritter, who was able to tackle relative comic newbie Jessica Jones effortlessly.

When asked if the character was sort of molded around Ritter's natural dry wit, she said, "No, because we were looking for exactly that, and Krysten Ritter, if you've seen her comedic work before, she's exactly that."

She added, "That's why she was always very high on our list and of course when she came in very early in the process set the bar incredibly high and no one else came close. Particularly on that one count of delivering incredibly dry."

Jessica Jones is so amazing. Have you watched it? What do you love and/or hate about it?

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