Jessica Chambers: No Suspect, Investigators' Fault?

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Jessica Chambers' family and friends gathered on Saturday in Sardis, Mississippi to celebrate her birthday.

Even without her, they seemed to be in fairly good spirits as they shared stories of her and released balloons into the sky in her honor.

Jessica Chambers was burned to death in her car in a horrific attack that shook her family, friends, and all of those who live near her nearly two months ago.

Jessica Chambers' family had lovely things to say about her.

Chambers' Aunt, Deborah Sanders, said, “Here she was fixing to be 20, but she was still a young child at heart.”

She added, “She would love all the balloons, whatever you did to makeover her, she would be ecstatic over it.”

Jessica Chambers' family may be coping with their loss, but they will likely have to wait for closure.

Investigators say they still have no leads as to who may have done this horrible thing to Jessica Chambers.

“We're still not getting anywhere with it,” District Attorney John Champion said. “As far as who did it, that is the big question.”

That is the big question, indeed, and some people have taken to the web to air their concerns and to criticize the investigators on the case.

A petition on has been set up to attempt to get the attention and support of the governor.

Part of it reads, "Since this tragedy occurred the investigation seemed botched. Her car was also set on fire, she was found near her burning car. Instead of the crime scene being blocked off and secured the car was on a tow truck and taken to the gas station Jessica was last seen at on December 6th around 6:25 pm. The owner/worker at the gas station was allowed to photograph the car."

The petition accuses local law enforcement of corruption and tries to suggest that some gang members might be involved.

Champion disagrees with the petition. He said, “I don't have any concerns whatsoever about the way the crime scene was handled."

He added that he doesn't think towing Jessica Chambers' car to a gas station first had any effect on evidence at all. He said, “The car was burned so bad, we don't know at this point what was in there."

Locals who were directly affected seem to think that the investigators are doing a fine job on Jessica Chambers' case.

“I think they are doing their job," Chambers' cousin, Windy Melton, said. She added, "These wannabe detectives [online] need to leave it alone and let the real people do their jobs and find justice for Jessica.”

What do you think? From where you're sitting, does the handling of her burned out car seem ethical?

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