Jessica Chambers: Family and Friends Gather to Remember Teen Burned to Death on Her 20th Birthday

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Jessica Chambers died nearly two months ago after she was set on fire and left to die.

On Saturday, family and friends of 19-year old Jessica Chambers gathered in Sardis, Mississippi, for a candlelight vigil and balloon release just days a few days before the day that what would have been her 20th birthday.

“Here she was fixing to be 20, but she was still a young child at heart,” Chambers' Aunt, Deborah Sanders, told vigil-goers. “She would love all the balloons, whatever you did to makeover her, she would be ecstatic over it."

Lisa Chambers said she hoped that her daughter was able to see the balloon release and know that she was loved.

"Can she see that? Did she know how much she's loved? I just want her to know I want everybody to know that she was loved," she said.

There are still no arrests in the case, but those she left behind have not forgotten the young woman, who was so brutally murdered, and believe investigators will eventually solve the case.

“Justice will be served,” said Jessica Chambers' grandmother, Willie Beardain. “We have good law enforcement here in Panola County, and they won't give up until her killer or killers are brought to justice.”

Those who love Jessica Chambers are confident that the perpetrators of the crime, who took their girl from them, will eventually pay for their deeds.

“They will have to pay for that they did because every decision, every choice you make, you have to live by it,” Sanders said.

Even though it's hard for family and friend to be without Jessica Chambers, especially on holidays and special occasions, faith seems to help them tackle each day as it comes.

“I would tell Jessica you know just enjoy singing in that beautiful choir in heaven, and maw-maw will be there later on,” Beardain said.

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